Monday, 18 July 2022 AEST

DIVINE is a heavenly collection of sterling silver jewelry with beauty and soul encouraged by nature’s artistry. Each individual independently handcrafted piece is responsibly built by our skilled artisans to magnify the inherent natural beauty of silver. With wealthy gold plating, sculptural shapes, ethereal hues, and meaningful gemstones – DIVINE’s beautiful parts give you a potent dose of empowering strength that will come from sensation classy and attractive.

Be part of us as Anna Morwood, NAJO Item Developer explains her favorite pieces from the new selection.


Nature is a big resource of inspiration for NAJO, what element of the purely natural earth influenced Divine?

“Sunlight, the rays of the sunlight, imagining by yourself bathed in stunning sunshine. We want girls to feel the identical way when they put on their Najo jewelry, beautiful and strong.”

There are mini-collections in just Divine, did this materialize organically?

“Certainly, it occurs organically – we start off with a piece or a modest selection and develop from there about about 12 months. We produce complementary parts and sets that do the job alongside one another as a selection of around 70-100 items and goal to supply a range of kinds, i.e., basic silver, two-tone, stone-set, chain, and so forth. so that it will enchantment to a selection of preferences.”

What is your favorite mini selection? 

“Absolutely the Raya assortment – I like its easy sophistication and it is a search that I would have on myself.”

What design and style do you consider is the most successful within the assortment? 

“I feel the Raya Baton earrings and pendants is the most effective – they have a clean up, common style and observe on from our really successful Weeping Widow and My Silent Tears collections.”

What is your favourite Bracelet/Bangle, Earring, Necklace and Ring design from the new assortment?

Bangle: Raya Cuff (looks great paired with the matching rings)  Earring: Heavenly Turquoise Earring (It’s hard to defeat gold and turquoise together)  Necklace: Splash Gold Necklace (correctly clean up, vintage and advanced)  Ring: Raya Bands (search good stacked alongside one another combining silver and gold) 

There are a range of gemstones applied in the Divine Assortment, why did you decide people certain gemstones (Aqua Chalcedony, Onyx, Moonstone and Pearl)?

All these stones have been prosperous for us in prior collections and as we method the hotter months men and women are drawn to the summery tones of chalcedony, moonstone and pearl.

Does the style evolve from the preferred gemstone or do you style and design a piece first and see how a gemstone can be incorporated?

It can operate both way – from time to time we’ll pick the stones initially and design and style a assortment to showcase them and at other periods we know what style we want and then look for stones to very best suit the structure.

What do you consider NAJO consumers will enjoy most about the new assortment?

Najo admirers should be joyful since the thoroughly clean, classic design and style they anticipate from the manufacturer has been shipped in the DIVINE assortment.