BoxyCharm August 2022 Base Box Review

 Hey Beauty Lovers!

The BoxyCharm Base Box has arrived and I am so happy to see a ton of makeup!

This year our boxes have been very makeup heavy, I know a lot of you have been complaining about all the skincare in the Base Box last year…

I have been getting the BoxyCharm Base Boxes in PR for the last 1.5 years, and I have to say, it is one of the best beauty subscription boxes out there!

Want to know what I got this month?

Let’s get right to the unboxing…

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BoxyCharm August 2022 Base Box

The theme this month: Dusk ‘Til Dawn

I’m not really getting August vibes from this color story… more like Fall. I guess it’s never too early for my favorite season!

For those of you who are new to my BoxyCharm Base Box unboxings, the Base Box is a monthly subscription box that costs $27.99/month. Each box includes 5 full-sized beauty products, the products that each subscriber gets vary, so keep that in mind when you see your favorite Instagram influencer or beauty blogger unboxing their PR box.

Also, if you are a subscriber, you get to choose 1-2 products each month (depending on which box you order). You are also supposed to get shades based on your profile. Since I get this box in PR, I don’t get to choose products and they don’t use my profile when sending me the Base Box.

Based on the YouTube unboxings I’ve seen, the Base Box is actually a little better than the Premium Box every month. So… I recommend getting the Base Box!

If you want to sign up for BoxyCharm, scroll down to the end of this post to check out the free gift options for new subscribers and a referral link. I actually don’t make any money if you use my referral link (I don’t want to send a random third-party app my tax ID), but I think that BoxyCharm is able to see how many people sign up with my link.

Ok, let’s get to the products…

The first product in my Base Box this month is the OPV Beauty Glow Perfect Face Palette ($34). This is a New Launch from OPV Beauty. I have tried their makeup before, and I really enjoy using their powders.

This palette includes a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. The powders are highly pigmented and the color is supposed to last all day on the face.

I was sent the palette in Shade 1. I have fair to medium skin, so this palette is actually a little too dark for me (you will see what I mean in the swatches down below). 

Check out the beautiful packaging…

I am obsessed with the rose gold reflective case. A few of their other products have the same packaging, and I love keeping them out on my vanity. 

The palette actually comes with plastic around it to keep it safe during transit, and you can keep it on if you don’t like when palettes get dirty in your makeup case/drawer.

Ok, now for the swatches…

As you can see, this palette is too dark for my skin tone… I will pass it to my mom, it would suit her skin a lot more than mine. I know she will get a lot of use out of a face palette!

Let’s talk about the shades…

The bronzer (bottom shade) is matte and very pigmented. I don’t know how well the formula will blend, so go in with a very light hand and build it up.

The highlighter (middle shade) is absolutely beautiful! It would actually look really nice on my skin, but I don’t want to keep the trio just for one shade. 

The blush (top shade) is a nice shimmery bronze shade. I don’t know if I love that shade for cheeks, but I would definitely recommend using it elsewhere on the face. It would have been perfect if they included a matte pink shade instead, but I’m sure my mom will figure out how to make it look cute.

Would I pick this up for $34? 

Probably not, but maybe that’s because the shades wouldn’t suit my skin tone. I did check out the OPV Beauty website, and I would have been much happier with Shade 4. Hopefully, BoxyCharm sent out shades based on profiles this month!

Ok, on to the next item in the box…

The next item is the Laruce Beauty Christine Set ($50). It comes in a tube case that can be used as a makeup brush holder and/or a travel case. I am actually really excited to get some brushes this month. I always love the brushes that come in my Base Box, so I know I will love these too!

This set comes with 5 brushes:

  • Duo Fiber Cheek Brush
  • Angled Cheek Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Flat Shader Brush
  • Domed Blending Brush

I love the color and design of the handles, they have a more sophisticated look than the brushes we usually get in BoxyCharm.

The top and bottom of the tube can be used as a brush cup…

These brushes feel sturdy and they have a nice weight to them. All my previous BoxyCharm brushes have held up for many months already, so I have some high expectations for this set.

I actually don’t have a duo fiber cheek brush in my brush collection, so I am excited to test it out as soon as I get them washed.

If you are just starting out with makeup, BoxyCharm will really help you build your brush collection. I have received so many brush sets in boxes already!

Would I spend $50 on a brush set?

Absolutely not. However, I am very happy to get this set in my box this month.

Ok, next product…

The next item is the Girlactik Metallic Eye Sparkle Shadow ($20). I have heard about this brand from a few Beauty YouTubers that I watch, but I have never tried it out myself. I’m always happy to get new liquid eyeshadows, especially metallic ones, and I already know that I’m going to love this shade.

This liquid shadow is supposed to blend easily, have a lot of shine, and last all day. The big question is whether this shadow will crease within a few hours on the lids. I will have to do a wear test and come back with an update…

Let’s check out the swatch…

The top swatch is the Girlactik shadow. I got Glam, a beautiful metallic bronze shade. 

I absolutely love the color, it works really well for everyday wear. I still think that it is more of a Fall color, but maybe I will get to wear it a ton over the next few months…

The swatch is only one layer, and you can already tell that it is a very pigmented shadow. I did add a second layer after the one in the photo dried down, and you can build up the color fairly easily. Each layer took a few minutes to dry down completely, so you do have some time to blend it on the lid.

Also, once it the shadow dries down, it becomes pretty budge-proof. I have high hopes for this one!

Would I spend $20 to get this liquid shadow?

Yes. I love these kinds of shadows, and this is the typical price for a liquid shadow of this quality.

Girlactik has 7 shades on their website, and I am already eyeing the shades Drama and Sexy!

Ok, let’s get to the fourth item in the box…

The next product in the box is the Qveen Studio Bow Down Brow Glue ($16). I have pretty thick brows, so I often use brow gel instead of a brow pencil to give my face a polished look. I am a huge Qveen fan, so I am excited to get something from her makeup brand for my collection.

This gel is transparent and it is supposed to keep your brows in place for 16+ hours. The spoolie is very small for a precise application, something I always appreciate when it comes to brow gels.

I tested it out on my brows, and it does apply nicely. My brows looked great, but it feels like all my other brow gels. Maybe this would be a great option for anyone with a ton of thick brow hair that needs a lot of holding power. 

Would I spend $16 on this brow gel?

Yes. All my other brow products cost around $20, so I can see myself spending $16 to purchase this again.

Ok, let’s get to the final product…

The fifth item in my BoxyCharm Base Box this month is the Beauty For Certain Deluxe Lipstick ($18). This is actually a new launch, so I can’t find a link to the product yet. 

I don’t know much about this brand. I think it’s new, there are only 4 products for sale on their website right now. We did get their mascara last month, and I really did enjoy the formula. 

This new lipstick is a long-lasting, ultra-matte formula that is supposed to be silky smooth and velvety. It definitely sounds promising!

Let’s check out the swatch…

The Beauty For Certain lipstick is the top swatch. I got shade #18 which looks like a pinky nude. I’m not actually a huge fan of nude lipsticks, but my mom loves a good nude lip. I will pass this lipstick on to her…

Besides the shade, I’m not loving the orange packaging. The top feels very flimsy and the color is not my favorite. The formula does feel really nice when I swatched it on my arm, I can already tell that it will feel really comfortable on the lips.

Would I spend $18 on this lipstick?

Maybe. I wish it was available on their website so I can see all the shades. I do think the formula is nice, and I would want to pick up a red or pink to test out.

And that concludes the August 2022 BoxyCharm Base Box unboxing…

Keep reading for my overall thoughts and how to receive a free gift when you sign up for a new subscription!

Final Thoughts

I am really loving the Base Box this month.

My favorite items in the box would have to be the brush set and the Girlactik liquid shadow. Don’t be surprised if you see them in an upcoming Instagram post!

The BoxyCharm Base Box box costs $27.99 but the overall retail value of the box this month came out to be $138! That’s a fantastic deal!

If you are thinking about signing up for BoxyCharm, you can actually get a free gift in your first box (new subscriptions only).

Check out the current free gift offer:

All you have to do is sign up here and then choose your gift.

Which free gift are you going to choose? Let me know in the comment and I will respond with my recommendation!

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