Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipsticks

Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipstick | The Beauty Lookbook

As promised I have a glance at the new Chanel Rouge Attract Luminous Lip Hues ($45 each individual) for fall. I have 9 of the 12 new neutrals to share swatches of. As a neutral lip lover I could not be a lot more energized for these! All of the hues are offered now on the internet at

Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipstick | The Beauty Lookbook


The Rouge Allure Lipstick is a person of my long-time beloved formulation, while a quantity of my beloved shades ended up constrained-edition or have been discontinued by now. This is a traditional lipstick formula with a luminous glow. Glides on beautifully on the lips. Medium buildable coverage with most shades, the bolds being quite opaque. These have a pretty refined virtually skincare scent but it is barely there.

Lasting power is medium – they have a glossy complete so they are not super prolonged carrying but they will continue to be put as prolonged as you really don’t have any contact with your lips. It’s a formulation I really don’t head re-making use of!

Colours for slide are in the neutral range. There are mild shades, medium tones and further shades. I skipped the brown tones because I seldom finish up donning them. Each individual solitary color I attempted has a gorgeous easy texture. The lighter shades are sleek and have very superior pigment. The deeper tones are also smooth (no streaking or patchy texture).

In indoor purely natural light-weight:

Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipstick New SHADES | The Beauty Lookbook

I acquired 5 shades in PR and then ordered some extra shades to review:

  • 194 Sensibilite is a gentle peachy pink
  • 195 Mise A Nu is a beige
  • 196 A Demi Mot is a neutral medium pink
  • 198 Nuance is a rose pink
  • 199 Inattendu is a muted mauve brown
  • 206 Illusion is a pale beige nude
  • 209 Change Ego is a gentle brown
  • 211 Subtile is a deeper berry
  • 212 Caractere is a medium brown

Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipstick swatches | The Beauty Lookbook

Chanel Fall 2022 Rouge Allure Lipstick | The Beauty Lookbook

Lip swatches below donning:

Chanel Rouge Allure 194 Sensibilite

Chanel Rouge Allure 195 Mise A Nu

Chanel Rouge Allure 196 A Demi Mot

Chanel Rouge Allure 198 Nuance

Chanel Rouge Allure 199 Inattendu

Chanel Rouge Allure 206 Illusion

Chanel Rouge Allure 209 Alter Ego

Chanel Rouge Allure 211 Subtile

Chanel Rouge Allure 212 Caractere

Chanel Fall 2022 Makeup Launch Rouge Allure and Le Vernis

So numerous good colours to decide on from and I appreciate them all. I simply cannot decide a favorite even though I have been putting on 194 for numerous times and I also appreciate 196 A Demi Mot and 198 Nuance. Have you checked these out but? What colours do you have your eye on?

Tumble 2022 Le Vernis hues swatched right here.

You can find these offered now on the internet at Chanel and Nordstrom.