Complete Guide to Metal Stamping Handmade Jewelry

1. How-To-Methods for Steel Stamping Handmade Jewellery!

• Thoroughly clean the Flat Tag
Nunn Layout Metallic Stamping Blanks are solid in lead-free pewter and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fines silver. A secondary plating system of adding oxidation to the tags produces an aged end to the precious steel.

Only use a moist wipe to cleanse the floor of the stamped tag, not a sharpening fabric. If you do use a sharpening cloth, and actually go to city with sprucing, you will inevitably rub away the plating.

• Safe the Tag
For greatest effects, tape your Nunn Style and design Metallic Stamping Blank on to a metal block for stamping. This will deliver a organization and flat floor.

• Mark the Tag
You will not want to use any kind of long lasting pen or Sharpie Marker on the Nunn Design Steel Stamping Blanks when marking your tags. Permanent Markers will not be removable when you go to clear the floor.  Use a pencil to supply a stamping guide.

• How to Hold the Hammer
When making use of your stamping hammer to make your perception, grip shut up to the hammer’s head. This will enable you to strike with much less effect, additional of a “bing” than a “bang”. For greatest benefits use an 8oz Ball Pein Jeweler’s Hammer.

• How to Keep the Stamping Instrument:
When “binging” the Nunn Layout Metallic Stamping Blank, you need to be certain that the metallic stamping tool is held firmly (but not far too tightly) with your fingers and held upright. Resting your fingers on the steel stamping foundation will also make it possible for you to hold the stamp regular and to not slip when binging.

• “BING” at the time
When you “bing” – do it to begin with just one time. If you “bing, bing” you operate the risk of the stamp a bit going and creating a shadowed impression.

• “BING” once again if necessary
If you “bing” and it is not adequate of a “bing” to deliver a good impression, you can line up the stamping resource in the impact and “bing” once more to present a deeper effect.

• Remain away from the edge
Metallic stamping forces the metallic to transfer, it doesn’t just go someplace else. If you stamp way too near to the edge of the Nunn Structure Metallic Stamping Blanks, it will distort the form and most likely chip the plating. Stay away from remaining way too near to the edge.

• “BING” vs “BANG”
If you “bang” far too challenging, you could chip the plating both equally on the floor and on the bottom of the blank. Don’t get me improper, you do have to “bing” with some indicating, you just do not want to smack the heck out of it. Once the blank is smacked there is no heading back or correcting.

• Darken the Impact
When darkening your perception, use a Fine Tip Sharpie Marker inside of the recessed stamped area. Ahead of you darken your effect with the Sharpie Marker, have a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol at the ready. You will want to act quickly to eliminate the long lasting ink from the non-recessed locations. DO NOT use a sharpening fabric, for it will remove the important metal plating from the cast lead-cost-free pewter.

• Aid Lifted Tag Surfaces
If you have a floor that does not have a flat again, you will want to spot one thing underneath to stop the tag from collapsing in the middle when stamping.


• Correcting “Mistakes”
If you have tags you are not content with, you can go over them with colorized resin!


Right here are a couple tutorials on applying colorized resin to flat tags!

• Make a Punching Buffer
If you want to punch additional holes, lower a tiny piece of card stock to stop the punch from harming the flat tag. The card inventory supplies a buffer.

• Register with an Indent, Line Up, Punch:
Prior to really punching your gap you can push down a bit without the need of the card being in location. This will deliver an indented location so that you can conveniently line up your punch into the hole whilst the card stock is in put (creating it difficult to see).

• Bending Flat Tags
We do not endorse bending the Nunn Design and style plated pewter tags. The plating can simply crack when currently being bent with nylon bending pliers.

• Exercise, Exercise, Observe!
Steel stamping, like any other artwork variety, requires follow. Enable on your own the time to understand this new craft. In any other case, you just will not have any enjoyment building stunning jewellery.