Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review: An Easy to apply Eyeliner

Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review: An Easy to apply Eyeliner

Are you also a person of all those persons who have attempted every single trick in the e-book to get rid of shaky hands even though implementing eyeliner? Since I am. Whenever I view a YouTube makeup tutorial my sole aim is on how steady their fingers are while implementing eyeliner and mascara. Most eyeliner tips are about shaping the best wing with the help of numerous objects like a spoon, card, or tape. I might be in the minority when I say that my go-to search isn’t generally a winged eyeliner. I actually prefer pup eyeliner considerably more and for that, the eyeliner has to be seriously slim. When I noticed the picture of Elf Extreme Ink Eyeliner, I understood I had to buy it just to test out a concept.

What is Elf Powerful Ink Eyeliner?

It is an eyeliner that ELF has marketed to be the “Blackest Black”. The rationale why I resolved to get it was not its pigmentation. It was simply because of the thick measurement of the eyeliner pencil. The eyeliner pencils today are only acquiring thinner and sleeker which produced me question if they are only manufactured for industry experts. I believed a jumbo-sized pencil is sure to give a fantastic grip which will final result in additional steady hands.

elf intense ink eyeliner
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Efficiency of Elf Rigorous Ink Eyeliner

Software: I tested by drawing the thinnest eyeliner on my higher lash line and it did go the concept of big pencil giving great grip. Whilst this eyeliner is great for relaxed liners, it is also exceptional for winged eyeliners. The tip of Elf’s Ink Eyeliner bends a very little if used tension which is terrific to turn a regular eyeliner into a cat eyeliner.

Packaging: ELF’s packaging has usually been one particular of my favorites. It just appears to be like genuinely sleek and highly-priced. The pen alone is also definitely sleek to keep and you can explain to that it is built of wonderful materials.

Pigmentation: Like a lot of items that promise superlative success only to then tumble limited of anticipations, Elf did it too. No question the pigmentation of eyeliner is great but it is very little amazing.

Wearability: I had a lot more expectations about the wearability of the eyeliner but it was only excellent for about 6 hrs. It is good if you’ll wear it in this time body but undoubtedly will not very last for 10 or 12 several hours.

Last Ideas

Out of numerous eyeliners I have made use of, I preferred this a single for its straightforward grip. People like me whose hands are not that steady normally find it risky to implement eyeliner. A single slight uncoordinated move and then all you’ll do for the up coming half hour is equivalent the two liners. With Elf’s Intense eyeliner I have received more assurance in making use of the eyeliner. I would say it is essentially terrific for rookies.


  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Good quality product at a small cost
  • Does not smudge
  • Terrific for all those with are not eyeliners professionals


  • Only great for 5-6 several hours
  • Not as pigmented as advertised

Howdy Viewers! What do you feel of this Elf Rigorous Ink EyeLiner evaluation? Have you ever tried out any Elf item? Study my overview of a lot more Elf products and solutions here!