Fall 2022 Jacket Trends

2022 August Favorites

Greetings! How is everyone’s week heading so considerably? I rounded up my August Favorites to share with you currently. These are some new finds and previous favorites I am specially loving proper now.

2022 Tumble Vogue Traits: Tops & Sweaters

Are you all sick of my 2022 drop fashion craze sequence however? I hope not, due to the fact today we’re conversing about the developments in tops and sweaters for slide 2022. I have rounded up seven distinctive traits I am viewing in tops and sweaters this year.

Slide 2022 Handbag Trends

Content Friday, good friends! We are likely again to the tumble tendencies concept today, I’m likely to tackle tumble 2022 handbag tendencies. Just like with the denim and shoe developments, we’re viewing a Y2K style revival happening with handbags. Consider Lorelai Gilmore, Elle Woods, and Carrie Bradshaw.

What I Wore Lately Vol. 85

Well, mates. We are deep into the lazy, hazy days of summer time, and I am at that place in which I could don the exact same three outfits on rotation until it receives chilly enough to commence breaking into my fall wardrobe… and I just could. All that to say, this edition of What I Wore Lately will in all probability glimpse a large amount like the past a single, but this is authentic everyday living I am residing in this article, so this is what I’ve obtained to present for it!