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Numerous years in the past, a expensive good friend of mine questioned me to assistance her produce particular items for her stepmother and mom-in-law. Together we established what I like to simply call The Grandma Bracelet, a steel stamping undertaking that is thoroughly a single-of-a-variety. It’s a basic way to craft a distinctive memento for grandmothers who like their grandkids to pieces.

This metallic stamping challenge is a thing you can make and give in incredibly minimal time when showing a whole lot of like to the recipient. Here’s how:


  • .5 inch vast 20g sterling silver flat wire cut to 1.5 inch strips (a few full)
  • 20g sterling silver spherical wire (about 36 inches)
  • 3 inches of sterling silver rolo chain
  • Toggle clasp
  • Alphabet metallic stamps
  • Brass hammer
  • Bench block and mat
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Information
  • Liver of Sulfur
  • Steel 1.6 mm gap punch pliers
  • Nylon mallet
  • Sprucing fabric
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Tumbler
  • Wire cutters


1. Get started by submitting the sharp edges of the sterling strips in which you are going to be stamping names. In this instance, I have a strip for each of my a few small children.

FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet
FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet

2. Manage the letters you will need to have to stamp names on the tags. I like to have all the letters I require appropriate in entrance of me. Doing the job from the centre out, with the metal strip on your bench block, metal stamping the names on the tiles. For the illustration demonstrated, I stamped the “C” in Jacob very first. Then labored my way out, stamping the “A”, then “O”, then “J”, then “B”. Have enjoyment and change the letters. it’ll push you ridiculous attempting to make them line up completely.

3. Repeat the metallic stamping in Stage 2 for the remaining names and metal strips.

FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet
FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet
FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet

4. After metallic stamping: Making use of gap punch pliers, add 4 holes (a person in every corner) to the center tag. On the two exterior tags, punch a hole in each and every corner on the side that will line up with the centre tag, and punch one particular hole in the middle of the outdoors edge. Then, incorporate a slight arch to the inbound links by wrapping the strips in opposition to the deal with of your hammer. This will help make the hyperlinks hug your wrist much more comfortably.

FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet

5. Working with spherical nose pliers and 4 inch parts of 20g sterling silver wire, make wire wrapped loops to link the tags jointly. It will get a very little tough linking the 3rd and forth holes together, but go sluggish, you are going to get it. I truly like the chunky appear of overlapping the wraps too.

FREE Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Grandma Bracelet

6. Connected the clasp by connecting the loop of the toggle clasp on 1 aspect with a wrapped loop. On the other side, use a length of chain and the bar side of toggle. Modify the duration of chain to modify the finished size of the bracelet.

7. To end issues up, oxidize the bracelet with liver of sulfur and tumble for an hour, then polish to spotlight the stamping.

Variations on the Grandma Bracelet

There are lots of approaches to make this bracelet unique. As your family members grows, increase a stamped metallic allure with the baby’s identify as a dangle to the bracelet. If you have siblings, test steel stamping a strip for every of your siblings and place all their children’s names on their strip.

Originally published 5/8/2017. Current 7/12/2022.

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