How to Get the Best French Manicure

How to make your nail polish previous for a longer time

Ladies I have yet another mystery that I would like to share with you all for your nails. I was accomplishing some study on nails and manicures and how to repairs your nails when you are generally chaotic.

That is when I made the decision to try out glue on nails. Now this isn’t my mystery but I am just explaining on how learned it.

My community drug retailer experienced them for $16.00 for a French manicure established. I have also been contemplating about heading to the nail salon, but following on the lookout at the prices, I required to uncover and affordable way to upkeep my nails and conserve cash.

So, the pretend nails that I purchased were being nice  , and they looked incredibly sensible but, they only lasted about 1 7 days and experienced to fork about an additional $20.00 for yet another set. This was unappealing to me and so I made a decision to look at some other solutions.

I went on YouTube and observed girls doing tutorials of their really individual acrylic nails. I try to remember getting acrylic nails years ago and they ended up at the nail salon as nicely.

Effectively, there have been quite a few modifications because then and we have also been introduced to gel nails. I obtained a manicure at a nail salon the other working day, and the nail tech questioned me if I needed to get gel nails. I asked her what that was and she gave me some additional details and confirmed her nails which ended up gel as perfectly.

So, I made a decision to appear up gel nails on YouTube and observed a plethora of tutorials on how to do them your self. At very first I was like, this is good mainly because I can conclude up saving a bunch of income by executing them myself. And enable me inform you, I am so pleased with the final results, they look just like I got them finished at the salon.

After executing some investigate on-line, the top rated model for gel nails, if you are just obtaining commenced out, is made by a enterprise identified as Gelish. Gelish products can also be identified at your community Sally’s, but you have to observe out due to the fact the quantity is minimal during these occasions and every person is performing there individual nails now. If they don’t have them at your neighborhood Sally’s , you can constantly go on the internet and purchase them in this article at

The bundle that I acquired was for $129 and I acquired all of the simple items you would want for a gel application. The only other issues that I purchased was a 180 nail file which is stated a whole lot in the tutorials on YouTube, and Gelish construction gel to prolong the length of my nail as you would with acrylic. The only variation is the materials that is utilised, and I choose the gel since you can just soak it off with acetone when you are prepared to eliminate them.

Application was pretty uncomplicated, I won’t go into depth ,but if you are wanting for a typical thought, just google it on YouTube for a gel nail software tutorial.

I just desired to convey gel nails out to the forefront. I enjoy it so significantly and prior to when I would use frequent nail polish , I discovered that they only lasted for a couple of times, which was a massive inconvenience for me for the reason that I really do not have the time to be carrying out my nails each individual other working day.

I also discovered that frequent nail polish left streaks on my nails and they would glance soiled immediately after a working day of dress in. Now with the gel nails, there are no streaks at all and the polish doesn’t chip off either.      

You can be expecting gel nails to last anyplace from 2 months to a month if you choose treatment of them in in between. I also desired to insert that application can be lengthy and can get all-around 3 several hours to do all 10 nails. I hope that you have uncovered this report helpful and if you want your own gelish kit, then you can obtain it right here.

Here are some ideas to how to keep nail polish from chipping

Use Gel Polish

If you endure from chipped nail polish, you might want to change to gel nail polish as it lasts extended and performs superior. It could be a little bit more high priced, but the excellent of your manicure will be substantially much better than applying regular nail polish.

Gel Nails Preparing


In advance of Implementing any gel polish, I have uncovered by demo and tribulation that it is so so essential to buff the nails just before applying gel polish and prepping the nail. In advance of I commenced undertaking this, I noticed that my manicure did not final and the gel polish would everyday living off from my natural nail and would not previous extended than a 7 days. This was since I was not buffing the area of my nail prior to application.

By buffing the nail, I am referring to buffing the surface area with a 100 nail file that you can great very easily at Sally Beauty. You want to buff down the floor of the nail so that it feels gritty and rough.

By doing this, it will enable the gel polish (base coat) to adhere to the nail and it will not budge due to the fact it requires some thing to grip on to.

If you use gel polish to a easy surface, it has absolutely nothing to grip onto and will then carry off the nail very simply.

So often bear in mind to buff the nail with a excellent file, you can also file the guidelines as very well as you often would when submitting nails, but generally buff the surface area of the nail when making use of gel polish.

Use  a Nail Primer

When applying gels nail polish, it is really vital to prep the nail right before application. Often clean your palms just before making use of and make confident they are dry. should also use a nail dehydrator aka nail polish primer. What does nail primer do ? It generally removes all of the all-natural oils that your nails generate, and will allow the gel polish to adhere to the enamel. You will then discover, less peeling or chipping since you primed your nails prior to software.

In the gelish starter kit , it arrives with all four ways like the nail primer. But if you are employing any other manufacturer, you might have to invest in the primer separately. That is why I am mentioning it now.

Usually Use a Base Coat

Right after prepping the nails, you want to established a basis before applying shade gel polish and use a gel nail base coat. I always like the way my nails look when making use of a foundation coat. They develop into so shiny and pleasing to the eye . But , I have to remind myself that this is just a preliminary move in the entire gel polish working experience.

The base coat acts as a basis for the gel color that you will be applying future and enables the color gel polish to bond to the nail. I have under no circumstances utilized gel color polish on the nail alone, but I can imagine that it would not occur out proper with no prepping priming the nail and making use of a foundation coat. I hope you adore it.

Apply Gel Nail Extensions

Gel extensions are fairly new the gel nail planet , but there is also an different to gel nail recommendations and this is by applying a soak off area gel. Surface gel is incredibly related to a builder gel . The only variation is that the area gel can be soaked off and the builder gel requirements to be buffed off.

How prolonged do gel nail extensions very last ? They can very last up to 3 weeks, and this is why I adore gel nails so significantly.

I am a large admirer of soak off gel, largely simply because it doesn’t entail far too considerably get the job done to take out. All you have to do is soak it off in some acetone, and your superior to go.

Another for of gel polish is polygel polish. Now I have under no circumstances dabbled in this arena but with polygel, or builder gel you have to clear away it with an e-file. As you can tell I am totally turned of at the concept of buffing of the tricky gel from your nails . It just does not appear to be normal and I can only imaging how messy it would be. To me, soak off gel is the finest factor considering that sliced bread! Lol

Back to the surface area gel, it will come in a nail polish bottle and appears extremely similar to gel nail polish. If you want extensions, you might want to use nail kinds which are adhesive tape that you apply to the idea of the nails as a guidebook to building a suggestion extension.

There are some great tutorials on youtube that make clear how to extend the nail with floor gel that may well assist you.

Utilizing area gel, is a excellent way to the natural way prolong the nail with no getting as well concerned (ex. Polygel/acrylics). It Is als overy straightforward to clear away and requires just about no mess.

I have just lately experimented in created the limited spherical gel extension layout that you can obtain by gelish. I have simulated the very same seem due to the fact I desired to try out the new gel extensions that gelish a short while ago designed, but understood that I presently have the area gel and that would be a massive waste of cash.

I am also finding that by utilizing the area gel with nail types is a considerably cheaper option than gel nail extensions, as a bottle of Area gel is only $25 and I have but to know how prolonged the bottle will last simply because I however have a great amount of money.


I hope that these nail guidelines have assisted you determine on what the most effective possibility could be for you. I adore gel polish and that is why I determined to website about it and share my encounter with using this form of polish. Now I detest using common polish and the only position that I use typical nail polish is on my toes for the reason that I can just wipe them off with acetone. If you would like to individual your possess gelish starter package, you can invest in it in this article.

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