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To celebrate the designation of Viva Magenta as Colour of the Calendar year, Pantone has developed suggested colour palettes. Each and every just one offers coordinating hues for magenta and delivers inspirational mixtures. These palettes will spark ideas for jewelers who combine colorful gemstones, get the job done with enamel-coated wire, build mixed media, use polymer clay, or are simply just hunting for colour inspiration. 

Higher than: All-natural purple, pink, and pink tourmaline gemstones. Graphic source – Getty Visuals.

Pantone cites the cochineal beetle, the supply of carmine pink all-natural dye, as an inspiration for Viva Magenta as Color of the Year. It is a hybrid coloration that connects the normal and digital worlds. As jewelers know, a lot of various gemstones are magenta-coloured, and these beauties blend wonderfully with other normal treasures.

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Pantone’s Ignite Shade Palette

Neutral Qualifications

Surrounded by softness, Viva Magenta brings a vivid pop to a peaceful array of quieting hues in the Ignite coloration palette. Blend rubellite and other magenta-color gemstones with pearls, opals, rough diamonds, and subdued gemstones for a common seem with a twist.

Pantone’s Family Ties Coloration Palette

Pink and Brown

Shades of pink and brown coordinate in this palette of related undertones, with Viva Magenta as the star of the display. Consider of this palette as Neapolitan ice cream with a cherry on best. Surround pink spinel or one more magenta gemstone with pink topaz and smoky quartz for an straightforward, satisfying mood.

Pantone’s Resonance Coloration Palette

Jewel Tones

Viva Magenta provides a extraordinary best observe to this classy jewel-tone palette. Mix garnet with aquamarine, amethyst, and peridot for a wintry look. Pantone suggests Viva Magenta has a rebellious side—embrace it with this darker colour mix.

Pantone’s Equilibrium Coloration Palette

Colorful Brights

This palette bursts with colour! It features a wide range of heat colours for a summery mood. Final Gray and Grape Shake colours give a grounded foundation for brilliant gemstones these as pink tourmaline, pink zircon, orange sapphire, and purple spinel.

Jewellery Colour Palettes

Pantone describes Viva Magenta as “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time.” What much better inspiration for combining colours in new and strange ways?  In accordance to Pantone, Viva Magenta is a courageous and fearless shade that “promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.”

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